Domingo Martinez

Training with Bettelou was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. She helped clarify my goals & built our sessions around them. She explained what we were doing and why, & always took time to listen to me & answer my questions. I am incredibly...

Judy Johnson

Sending you a Big Thanks for making such a positive difference in my health and wellbeing! You were a constant inspiration and motivation. I sincerely enjoyed my 8 weeks of wellness coaching. The practices I learned have changed my life!

Kay Blanchard

What I liked best about this program was the breathing techniques. They really calm me down and help me think clearly about any problem. I find myself able to come up with great ideas that are working for our family.

Karen King

The practices I learned in this course really helped me to be more present and less distracted. The time management exercise really worked and I am more organized.


Instead of using food to make me feel better, I now use the practices I learned in this program. I feel so much happier and am finally losing weight and keeping it off!

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