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Are You Stuck In A Rut?

Do you ever feel like you are trying to dig yourself out of a gigantic hole, and all that dirt just keeps falling back into your face…It’s suffocating. That’s what it feels like to be constantly stressed.

Hi, my name is Bettelou Bhakti Soosaipillai and I’ll guide you to discover easy and effective ways to beat that stress, enjoy health and fulfillment, and lead the lifestyle that you truly deserve. I’ll help you dig your way out with my wellness systems and a generous portion of love.

Does Stress Make Your Life An Absolute Hell?

Did you ever have one of those years that completely changes your life forever? Mine was in 1999, the year before the new century. It was almost like the universe was saying…things are going to change. In that year I was diagnosed with a major illness, my marriage fell apart, and to make matters worse both my dogs died. And they had been my fateful companions for over 12 years.

Like the coming of a new century, my adversity was the beginning of an amazing new life. A life filled with joy, wisdom, and growth. Over the next few years I avidly sought out programs, advisors, teachers, and they taught me how to embrace each day. I learned how to live in the present moment, to live fully, and to cherish every second and every experience.

My teachers showed me powerful practices that helped me navigate my pain, my sorrow, my loss, and grief. They shared their wisdom and taught me how to live a rich full life. That is the wisdom I feel compelled to pass on to you in my stress management and wellness programs.


Awaken, Shake dreams from your hair my pretty child, my sweet one. Choose the day & the sign of your day…

~ Jim Morrison ~

Do you want to conquer your frustration & stress?

Let me share my secret wisdom and its benefits with you. Let me show you how to live healthy, how to look younger, how to live a relaxed and happy life. When you are under stress, everything seems difficult. But it can be really easy, with a little guidance and a system. Let me provide that for you through my wellness programs and stress management courses.

It’s hard for you imagine that you too could enjoy a healthy, happy, lifestyle…but I know you can because I have seen others just like you make the transition and transform into the person they want to be. Let me share with you the practices and methods that have helped me and many others just like you.

Health & Wellness

Using a natural, organic approach, I will give you the newest techniques and information so you can reach optimal levels of health.

Yoga & Fitness

Find your fountain of youth and transform your life. I will show you how with the perfect blend of yoga and fitness.

Beauty & Magic

Find beauty and magic with simple practices that awaken possibilities. It’s truly my secret sauce. Let me share it with you!

Do you want to begin your journey? Do you want to awaken to new possibilities? It all starts when you sign up for one of the programs.

Do you want to work with me 1-1 or are you a do-it-yourself kind of woman? Find the Awaken Program that is right for you!


My qualifications are a BA degree in Psychology & Sociology from Edinboro University of PA. A Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Instructor, I am certified in Vinyasa & Integral Yoga, and a W.I.T.S. certified Personal Fitness Trainer. I am also certified by the American Red Cross in CPR, AED, and First Aid. Education and training are vital, not just for personal growth, but because it also prepares you to help, guide, teach, and serve others.

Bettelou Bhakti Soosaipillai - Inspiration Muse -

Bettelou Bhakti Soosaipillai

Awaken With Life Expanding Programs Designed Just For You!

I believe all have the right to feel beautifully joyful, radiant…to glow with health & happiness. My mission is to motivate you to simply glide through each transformation like a bird floating on air. I want to inspire you reach the heights that you want to ascend with simple programs based on ancient wisdom and modern research. Create a new way of life, expand your horizons, rise up, and AWAKEN to you!

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