Father and son clean eatingIt’s seems like everyone is talking about ‘real food’ and why it is so important to eat what’s right for your body. What’s all this hype about anyway and what does it actually mean for you?

What is Clean Eating?
Clean eating is actually being aware of every step your food has taken from production to plate. Where was it grown/raised? What has come into contact with your food? And how much time has passed from development to mouth? All these things matter to your health. Clean eating is consuming whole, real food and eliminating overly processed, refined foods. Especially staying clear of chemical laden items and ‘edible products’ from your diet.

Why is it so hard to eat clean? 
You’d think it would be simple to eat real food, but with the advent of modern grocery stores and so many fast food restaurants, it’s so much quicker to just eat the junk. It’s so convenience to eat processed foods. Many of these products require little to no preparation and are ready to eat immediately. Then there is the manipulation of the ingredients to make food extra flavorful, irresistible…downright addicting. Often these crappy foods are cheaper too.

What are processed foods?
Some processed foods can be ok, like a jar of organic sour kraut. Usually the processed foods you should avoid have all kinds of additives like salt, sugar, preservatives, and chemicals that you can’t even pronounce! Also watch out for foods that have been altered from their natural form, like grains that have had the bran removed. These foods lose their nutritional value and fiber. Especially be careful of foods that are created in a lab, like GMO foods.

Why is clean eating worth the hassle?

From losing weight to preventing disease, eating clean has amazing health benefits. When your diet consists of a lot of raw organic vegetables and fruits, lean proteins, and good fats, you can expect to have everything from:

  • Clearer skin
  • More energy
  • A healthy body weight
  • A better mood
  • Improved cognitive abilities
  • Sounder sleep

How do you eat clean?
Eat organic as much as possible and buy local food. It is often more nutritious. Your diet should be around 51% or more raw vegetables and fruits. Foods like dried legumes and nuts are good choices.

If you want to eat animal products make sure to choose free range, farm fresh, eggs and chickens. Eat organic pasture fed meats without antibiotics or hormones. Also wild meats are a choice.

Minimally processed foods that can be included are unrefined grains, frozen fruits and vegetables, and fermented foods like kimchi. When you cook choose quick cooking methods like steaming. Stir frying is ok, but don’t deep fry your foods. Also eating a wide variety insures that you’ll get optimal nutrition.

I like to shop farmers markets and in healthier grocery stores like Earth Fare but in a regular store shopping around the perimeter is a good strategy. That’s where most of the fresh foods are located. Always read labels!

Eating clean involves not only choosing the right foods to eat but also avoiding all of the junk that are so readily available. Although many lose weight, clean eating is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle approach to food and its preparation, which leads to improved heath and a better life.

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