I was talking to a friend, I was right in the middle of a sentence… without even pausing or explaining, she began looking at her phone tap, tap, tapping. That conversation was over. I walked away and she barely noticed.

At the gym, I’m waiting for a machine, not because the guy was using the weights, but because he was parked on the bench texting. He also didn’t notice the human before him…waiting to take a turn.

That day while driving home, I listened to one of my favorite podcasts, The Model Heath Show*, and the guest was talking about how we have outsourced our thinking to our smart devices…how we’re all getting dumber.

I’m sick of the pinging, buzzing demands, and a constantly overflowing inbox. I’m tired of being at the beck, the call, expected to respond at every moment, and feeling overwhelmed. Frankly, I feel like we’d all do better with a little digital down time. Here are just a few really great reasons to take a break and ditch the digital:

  • To remember how to be human
  • To find a balance
  • To feel free
  • To take a break
  • To have an uninterrupted meal
  • To sleep, or go to bed on time
  • To reclaim your time
  • To talk, to look each other in the eyes
  • To slow things down
  • To breathe
  • To walk, To sing, To dance, to just do what you want!

Yes, it would be a big challenge to have balance and step away from that digital addiction, but anything worth doing is a challenge. Don’t you want to have the control, instead of abdicating your life to your smart devices?

Research shows that the average adult spends 4-6 hours a day using devices and that even a small break in use will boost creativity, satisfaction, and overall health. So if you want to get started on your own digital detox, download my free program. It has tips and suggestions on how to succeed in breaking this tenacious habit. To get this free program sign up here: CLICK HERE

*The Model Health Show: TMHS 232: Brain Hacks For Faster Learning, Boosting Your Retention, And Eliminating Mental Fatigue – With Jim Kwik

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