I went to a yoga class at a gym a few months ago, just to check it out. And it wasn’t bad. I really liked the instructor. The teacher was clear with her cueing, competent with her instruction, and she seemed genuinely concerned about her students.

If fact I would have said I liked the class but at the end…when I started settling myself down for Savasana, the relaxation pose…she ended the class. Just like that?!?

I thought there must be some mistake. Maybe she had accidently lost track of the time and had to get out of the room fast… But nope, no other class came into the room, everyone just left. So I did the relaxation myself, feeling a little bit neglected, because to me, deep relaxation is like the icing on the cake of yoga.

When I told my story to some other gym yoga regulars, they told me this is a common occurance in many yoga classes. OUCH!

Here’s why you should do Savasana and relaxation after your yoga practice:

1. Reduces Stress
2. Relaxes Your Body
3. Improves Sleep
4. Relieves Depression & Anxiety
5. Reduces Headaches
6. Combats Fatigue
7. Facilitates Meditation

So if you are hungering for relaxation, put my video on and enjoy a taste of Savasana For Relaxation: http://youtu.be/NVUXmrxGcj4 

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