It’s seems like stress comes all at once often when you are the busiest! There is not always time to engage in a complicated stress management programs or techniques. The great thing is that effective relief doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Mini Vacation: Close your eyes and imagine or remember a wonderful place. For example, think about the beach.

Visualize looking at the beautiful colors in the sky and the sea. Imagine smelling the salty air and feeling the wind on your face. Hearing the soothing sound of the waves and feeling the warmth of the sand between your toes.

Use your senses to make it more realistic. And choose any place in the universe that you find pleasant, fun, and relaxing.

2. Walking Meditation: Walk with complete mindfulness. Notice every step you take, the feeling of your feet touching the ground.
Synchronize your breath with your pace and bring your awareness to the length of your stride and the motion of your arms as they sway with each step.
Not into meditation? Just take a break from sitting and go for a walk. Walking in nature, a park, or a garden, can be particularly relaxing.
3. Mini Dance Break: Put on some music that you love and just move with the rhythm!
Have fun, swing your arms really get into it. Twirl, whirl, flow, and/or jump to the beat of the song.
If you’re a dancer, do your favorite steps. Allow the joy of dancing to bring instant stress relief.
4. Deep Breaths: Try using one of my favorite breathing techniques, Deerga Swaasam Breaths.
Take slow deep relaxing breaths, breathe only through your nose. Breathe slowly in three parts. With each inhalation, allow the belly to expand, then feel the air flowing up to expand the lower ribs and then the upper chest. Breathe so deep you feel like the inhalation is filling your throat.
Exhale from the upper chest, feeling the collar bones lower, then relax the lower ribs and at the bottom of the exhale pull the abdomen in to empty the lungs as fully as possible.
Close your eyes and continue breathing slowly till each breath is one continuous flow.
Add another dimension to this technique by linking your thoughts to your breath. With each inhalation think ‘Calming’ and with each exhalation think ‘Smiling’.
Next alternate with the thoughts ‘Present Moment’, ‘Happy Moment’ like this: Inhale ‘Calming’, Exhale ‘Smiling’, Inhale ‘Present Moment’, Exhale ‘Happy Moment’. Continue thinking these words as you practice deep relaxing breaths and enjoy the sense of calm, peace, and joy that follows.
5. Roaring: Yes seriously, roar like a lion. In yoga there is a pose where you roll your eyes upward, flair out your fingers, stick your tongue way out, and roar, Lion Pose. This is instant relief for the anger and frustration that’s stressing you.
I hope these tips help you manage your daily stress. Share your favorites or if you have a method that works for you let everyone know in the comments below.

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