How do you find motivation to exercise when you just feel like sleeping in or sitting on your butt? Let’s face it, sometimes it’s really hard exercise. Here are a few simple ways to motivate yourself.

Reward yourself immediately afterwards and it creates an association loop.  Exercise = Pleasure.

Some of my favorite rewards are a Shakeology smoothie, a hot shower and/or some self massage with my favorite essential oils. Other quick rewards that are perfect: a hot epsom salt bath, a soak in the whirlpool, or enjoying the relaxing effects of a steam room or sauna.

Create a habit loop. Exercise at the same time everyday. Or use objects to trigger the urge to workout. Set a reminder in your phone. Put your workout shoes next to your bed so you put them on as soon as you get up. Leave your workout bag next to the front door so you remember to take it with you. Put on your sports bra as soon as you get up or wear workout cloths as pjs. All these can trigger the exercise habit.

Rethink positive thinking. Visualizing the benefits of regular exercise is extremely motivating. For example, when you’re deciding whether to get out of bed to workout in the morning, it helps to imagine how wonderful you will look because of a regular exercise habit. How you will feel energized from your workout and how it relieves stress in your life. Think about how delighted you’ll  be when you lose that weight or see those sexy defined muscles developing. Positive thinking can help you imagine success until you’ve achieved it.

One of the most effective ways to get in the habit is to find someone to help you to be accountable. Studies show that having a workout buddy, personal trainer, or a support group can increase your success and motivate you to exercise regularly.

There are many ways to motivate yourself to exercise and many ways to develop fitness as a regular habit. Find out what works for you and implement it.  And if you have any tips that have really helped you…Share.

New Year New You Support & Challenge Group

Don’t wait around for good things to happen this year; make them happen yourself.

It’s almost 2016 – can you believe it?
Focusing on my health has been the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself and my family and I so want to pass this gift on to everyone.

I know I sound like… “lather, rinse, repeat”, but I really believe in the power of clean eating, regular exercise, and yoga. I’ve seen these lifestyle changes help so many people to live healthier happier lives.

My big goals for 2016 is to help as many people as I possibly can PUT THEMSELVES FIRST and focus on their HEALTH this year.

☑ 30-minute home workouts
☑ Simple to follow Eating Plan
☑ Portion-control containers that tell you EXACTLY what to eat
☑ Cheats allowed (yes, that includes wine and chocolate!)
☑ Eat up to 6x/day (REAL food)
☑ 1:1 Support
☑ 24/7 private online support + accountability group to keep you MOTIVATED & on track

If you are interested send me an email at

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