Friends and Family! I want to make an important announcement!!!

It’s funny how something simple, like an infomercial, can make such an impact on your life. I’ll admit it, I’m a complete sucker for the makeover. It can be any kind too. I am equally pleased to see a home remodeled, a fashion makeover, a hairstyle redone, or a cluttered room feng shui-ed. But my absolute favorite makeovers are the ones where people go from unhealthy to fit. Especially if they tell their stories and show stages of their journey.

So enter my favorite, of all time informercial, P90X. I would watch those testimonies as long as they played. I think I drove my family crazy. So when I gained a little weight, I decided it was time for me to try this infamous workout and see what it could do for me. It was crazy tough, but fun, had lots of variety, well I loved it! I got results fast and lost the weight.

It’s funny how this workout seemed to punctuate many important events in my life. I did it avidly before my wedding, before dance showcases, before any big events or occasions…and it never let me down. I’d always look better when I practiced the workouts in these videos.

This year I started writing more, sitting more, and guess what happened…too much fluff (fat) accumulated in my middle! So I decided it was time to P90X again. Imagine my dismay when I couldn’t find those videos. At first tried to remember the workouts but it was not the same.

One afternoon when I was researching for a blog post that I was writing, I bumped into a video that my coach had made. She was inspiring. I contacted her and she told me all about Beachbody and the opportunity to not only get healthy and fit with their programs, but that I could help others using the same resources that have helped me all these years.

I am so excited to make the announcement that I am officially a Beachbody coach! I have decided to pay it forward by offering challenge groups and clean eating programs. So if you are interested in joining a group contact me or to get more information:

Join The Support & Accountability Group

Hope to see you all there!


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