How often have you found yourself in the drive thru line lamenting the fact that you just ordered some crap because you’re always on the go?

How often have you been busy then found yourself throwing some change into the snack machine just to stave off the hunger cravings in your belly?

How often do you find yourself foraging the junk food in the office break room because you just don’t seem to have the time to get a decent meal?

It happens to all of us, being on the go, and busy, and just grabbing the first food that is handy. Often to the detriment of your health and your waistline.

How do you avoid this fast food, junk food trap when those unhealthy choices seem to be everywhere. There are fast food restaurants popping up on every corner! And everyone brings junk to the office!

Here are some great strategies to beat that junk food habit and get healthier alternatives even when you’re busy and hungry and on the go.

Cooler Strategy
Get an insulated cooler and pack your own snacks and lunches. Use the leftovers from dinner or make a sandwich or wrap. Pack easy to eat snacks like carrot, celery, and/or pepper sticks. Other great things to carry in your cooler are delicious easy to eat fruits like an apple, grapes, or even berries. Cheese cubes and crackers are also great for curbing your hunger and make great snacks. You catch the drift, pack heathy foods that you enjoy.

Go To Healthier Restaurants
With a little research on Google or Yelp you can find healthier restaurants. Read the menus on line. Or ask friends or coworkers to recommend restaurants that provide nutritious, healthy meals. Sometimes locally owned establishments can be amazing. For example, Magnolia Market in Aiken, SC has delicious foods and often uses organic ingredents. Ethnic food, like Laziza Mediterranean Grill in Evans, GA, is great for those who yearn for more exotic healthy cuisine. Or try national chains like Jason’s Deli. They are committed to providing healthier choices.

Get It At The Grocery
You can get delicious food quickly and easily by stopping at the grocery store. It is just as fast to stop there as it is to go to a fast food joint. Also more markets provide a meal bar with delicious choices. Check out the food bars at Earth Fare or Whole Foods.

Plan Ahead
Keep nuts and dried fruit in your desk at work or the glove box of your car. Some low sugar energy bars are another excellent way to avoid fast junk food. One strategy that I use is to carry a mixer bottle and Shakeoloy. You can add cold water from the vending machine to the powder, shake it up, and you have instant nutrition to stave off your hunger.

What if you have to eat at a fast food restaurant?
Choose healthier options. Many fast food restaurants have been responding to consumers. Now even they are providing options like salads, yogurt, oatmeal, and fruit. Often these restaurants are posting nutritional information in the menus or in guides to make it easier for you to find the healthier foods.

Choose grilled foods over fried. They contain less fat and calories. Swap out the french fries for a salad or apple slices. And by all means avoid meal combos and super-sizing!

So by planning ahead and implementing these few easy strategies you can avoid the junk food, fast food trap when you’re hungry, busy, and on the go.

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