I have been infatuated by essential oils ever since the 70’s.
One day when I was a teenager cruising the shops in Greenwich Village, I walked into a little store and it smelled amazing!
I asked the woman behind the counter, “What’s making that wonderful smell?” She pointed to rows and rows of little bottles. She informed me that they were ‘real’ essential oils, like I knew what that meant, and she invited me to try them.
The woman put a little wand into the sample scents and let me smell. After getting my fill of numerous bottles, I settled on Honeysuckle.
It came in a small, rectangular, glass, bottle and the scent reminded me of bike-riding, out in the country, on a warm summer day.
My first bottle of essential oil lasted me several years because you barely needed a drop to smell wonderful. From that moment on, I was hooked.

Over the years I read about the power of essential oils and how they were used throughout history to heal. Plant oils have been used to kill fungus and bacteria, relieve pain, and cure diseases.


I myself have collected my favorites and used them to treat everything from bug bites to wrinkles. I have also put them in lotions, face creams, and even in my deodorant to add a personalized scent.

One of the most important uses of essential oils is to elevate mood. More and more research is showing how beneficial aromatherapy can be.

The nose has millions of smell receptors and the nasal cavity is connected to the limbic system. This is the areas of the brain that are responsible for emotions, memory, and arousal.

It’s no wonder scents effect how you feel. Studies have shown that when you smell pleasant smells you feel better. As reported in the Japanese Journal of Pharmacology, researchers found that the simple inhalation of patchouli and rose oil reduced sympathetic nervous activity by 40%, with rose oil reducing adrenaline concentrations by 30%.

In other studies lavender oil, reduced stress, anxiety, aggression, and cortisol levels better than standard medications. During a controlled experiment nurses in the intensive care unit were exposed to clary sage and lavender oil. They reported that aromatherapy decreased their levels of perceived stress.


How can you use essential oils to reduce your stress?

  • Find scents that you find pleasant. It’s no use using lavender, an essential oil proven to relieve stress, if you hate the scent. 
  • If you want to put it directly on your skin, blend your essential oil with a carrier oil like almond, coconut, grape seed, or jojoba oil. Give yourself a little massage to really increase the relaxing effect.
  • Essential oils can be dispensed for aromatherapy using diffusers. Corporate offices, hospitals, and factories are using this method d to reduce work stress. Why not put a little diffuser on your desk or in your workspace?
  • Putting a few drops of your favorite oil in your bathwater can really add to the relaxation effect of a hot bath. Add a couple of cups of Epsom Salts and you’ll really feel great because the magnesium in the salts also facilitates stress relief.
  • You can also smell the oil directly from the bottle, put it on a cotton ball, or put a few droops on a handkerchief. Make sure you only take gentle whiffs and don’t hold it too close to your nostrils because some scents can burn.

What oils should you try?

Make sure that the oils you are using are 100 pure, organic oil, made from real plants, not synthetic chemicals.

Fake oils can disrupt your hormones and actually hurt you. Also some oils can react to sunlight or can effect certain medications so read up about the scents that you decide to try.

Although not a complete list, here are some of the scents that have been shown to improve mood in research studies:


  • Chamomile- calms the nerves, reduces stress.
  • Clary Sage- relieves anxiety and stress.
  • Frankincense- decreases depression and improves mood.  
  • Lavender-relaxes the body, reduces aggression and cortisol levels.
  • Lemon- Improves mood, reduces anxiety and fatigue. 
  • Patchouli- relaxing and comforting, reduces stress hormones.
  • Peppermint- Improves focus, energy, and concentration.
  • Rose Oil- reduces adrenaline and calms the nerves.
  • Vanilla- promotes tranquility and stimulates mental clarity.

So I hope you will try some of these oils and enjoy the stress relief and health benefits of aromatherapy. If this post helps you please pass it on and share.

Where do you find natural & organic essential oils?

Real natural essential oils are derived from plants and not from a cocktail of toxic chemicals.

One of the best ways to know if you are getting the right thing is to consider the source. I like to get mine from reputable stores like Earth Fare.

I also consider brands. If you are interested in therapeutic grade of essential oil with the highest potency, doTerra is a great brand. Enjoy the life-enhancing benefits of dōTERRA therapeutic-grade essential oils today! To buy these amazing oils go to: http://mydoterra.com/bettelou

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