Going on vacation can really reek havoc with your health and fitness goals. Taking time away for vacation doesn’t mean you have to take time away from your healthy lifestyle. Here are a few strategies to keep you on track.

It’s really important to drink enough water. Thanks to my husband, our house water is triple filtered, delicious and safe from the tap, so it is easy for me to drink enough water when I am home. But you never know what the water will taste like at your vacation destination. One way to get enough water is to buy a whole case of bottled water so you’ll have good water to drink and make tea. Watch out for mixed drinks. One margarita can be 700 calories plus. If you must drink, choose a glass of wine or alcohol with seltzer water and lime instead of those sugary drinks. I had a friend that kept his over consumption in check by doing 20 pushups and 50 squats for every drink consumed.

Eating healthy can really be a challenge on vacation. When going out to eat, portion control is often difficult. One way to prevent overeating is ask for a to-go container when you order your meal and save the other half for later. Another way to keep to your plan is to find some restaurants that serve healthy choices. Google menus before going. We found a place that serves real juice and smoothies with no sugar added and they also had healthy wraps on the menu. Take plenty of healthy snacks like vegetables, nuts, and fruits so you won’t be tempted to eat processed junk food during your travels. If possible find a hotel with a mini refrigerator or kitchenette so you can prepare some healthy meals and store leftover big portion meals. That crazy friend of mine would do 50 burpees for every bad meal or desert consumed and that really prevented him from overindulging!

Maintaining your exercise or yoga practice can be very difficult when you are on vacation. One way to keep on schedule is find a yoga studio or gym and take classes. Buy the package at the beginning of the vacation and commit to exercise. If you are staying at a hotel, find one that has a gym and a pool. Set time aside for exercise, 45 minutes a day, and use those facilities. Also try to walk more. Park away from buildings to get a little walk or walk instead of taking the train or bus at the airport. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Go on the walking tour instead of the bus tour! If the destination is within a mile, walk. If you feel like an adventure, try something new. Go dancing, try a water sport like canoeing or kayaking, or just toss a ball on the beach, have fun, and just move!

How do you stay healthy on vacation? Let me know if you have any great ideas in the comments section below.

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