About 5 years ago I decided to cut out sugar in my diet. So if the sugar didn’t occur naturally in a food, like in fruit, I did not eat it. I read labels like a feign and if it said sugar, fructose, sucrose, corn sweetener, syrup,  etc., I avoided it.  I was shocked to find how many foods have added sugar; breads, salad dressings, salsas, all processed foods, even things you wouldn’t expect have added sugars. Two things occurred as a result of avoiding sugars. First, I went through what can only be called sugar withdrawal, horrible headaches and fatigue, which quickly passed in a few days. The second thing that happened was long-lasting and wonderful, my skin turned BEAUTIFUL!

Last year a read a book by Dr Jessica Wu, Feed Your Face.  In this book she warns about the dangers of eating sugar when it comes to fighting acne, wrinkles, rashes, and other skin conditions. On her web site she also writes:
Now some public health experts believe not only that we’re eating too much sugar but that it’s actually toxic. In a commentary published in the scientific journal Nature, researchers from the University of California at San Francisco propose that sugar should be regulated in the same manner as other addictive substances, such as alcohol and tobacco. They’ve even called for the government to tax foods and drinks containing added sugar, to ban the sale of these items in or near schools, and to set age limits on their purchase. While these suggestions may seem extreme, studies do show that 75 percent of health care dollars are spent on diseases linked to bad diets.

Research also shows that many other diseases are caused or aggravated by the consumption of sugar. Type two diabetes,  heart disease, depression, memory disorders, Alzheimer’s , yeast infections,  and cancer just to name a few. It is also one of the major causes of the obesity epidemic in our country. With so  much evidence mounting against sugar, it would be wise to at least read food labels and limit sugar consumption.


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